It may surprise you that QR codes or ‘Quick Response’ codes have been around since the 90s, mainly used in the Japanese car manufacturing industry. 5 years ago, unless you were particularly tech savvy, QR codes were just a strange pixelated square you had to download an app to do anything with.

What changed the game was tech giants like Apple integrating QR code scanners into cameras – cut out the app, just point and click!

One of the few things we can thank COVID-19 for is making QR codes second nature to a lot of people, having to use them anywhere they go. This opens up a whole new level of guest interaction that wasn’t possible before without fancy tech like chips embedded in name badges with expensive scanners crucial to even use them.

Here are 5 Ways To: Get The Most Out Of QR Codes At Your Event!

1. Share Information, Not URLs

Instead of just putting your event website on advertising signage like posters, consider using a QR code.

Research shows that millennials are unlikely to make more than 3 clicks on their path to purchase. You can create a QR code for any URL so why not add one to your signage so people can just point and click to find out more?

2. Scan-To-Purchase 

Significantly reduce your queues at the box office by having signage with a QR code straight to your ticketing page readily available.

Guests who are happy to purchase online can scan it and take their time, away from queues, making their purchase. The only guests who will need to go to your box office are cash payments and those who would rather not purchase online.

3. Feedback, Feedback, Feedback! 

Continuous improvement is a core value of any professional Event Planner. One of the most valuable resources you can tap in to on this journey is guest feedback.

Years ago the most common way to gather this feedback from guests was by having a few iPads on stands with the form pre-loaded. While that method is effective, getting guests to queue and physically touch the same touchpoint (the iPad) isn’t COVID-safe.

Signage with a QR code to the feedback form allows guests to complete it in their own time in a COVID-safe way and mitigates reluctancy about having to queue, ultimately resulting in more responses and happier guests.

4. Form A Connection 

A guest or potential client might be hesitant to fill out a paper form and quality printed documents like Info Packs are both costly and likely to end up in landfill.

Have a QR code handy that links through to a brief sign-up form guest need to complete to download the info pack and you’ve covered two bases – accurate lead capturing and digital info pack delivery!

5.Hire an Event Planner 

The possibilities are endless for integrating QR codes into events! The fine line is knowing what to use them for, what not to and finding that perfect balance.

Endless, superfluous QR codes will give your guests QR fatigue and create a barrier, preventing them from fully engaging with the event. Ultimately, people are inherently social creatures and to truly engage them you need to build an emotional, personal connection. If they’re constantly scanning barcodes and looking at their phone, building that connection is incredibly difficult. 

Don’t risk leaving your guests feeling disconnected or missing out on invaluable leads, feedback and info.

Get in touch with us today for a fully customised QR code integration plan for your event that smashes your goals and leaves guests raving. 

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