Thank you for having us we really enjoyed the event and atmosphere. All the staff were really friendly and helpful, we were well informed and advised in relation to the induction process. All our questions and concerns were resolved and sorted out in a professional manner. I felt it was easy to read and understand the site plan. All the necessary documents  came through in timely manner. Being an exhibitor the briefing was really helpful in order to customize my self to the events safety plan and smooth operations. I really felt the event was really well organised, the bump in and out times worked well for us as it gave us the time to be ready for the event, it was easy to follow and a smooth process as it allowed us ample time to be prepared and ready for trading. In my opinion on a scale of 1-10 the complete planning and coordination would be a perfect 10 as I felt it was a perfect 2 days for us including the weather which was very kind to us and the turn out of patrons was welcomed. The airshow was awesome and you could tell from the patrons that they were satisfied with the Airshow. Lots of happy and smiling people all through out the 2 days. The vibe and atmosphere was fantastic, I believe the triumph of the Airborne Show was that majority of the patrons left happy and entertained. I would be very interested in future events and hope we can do another event of this magnitude in the near future.

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